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Countdown to Tuesday the 11th of August 2020,the summit day for all participants - 

The calendars below, which are totally flexible, are recommendations based on the experience of past participants.

Please Note: to maintain the integrity of the event, participants are to be limited to a maximum of 70 in 2020. register now to avoid disappointment.




This Ultra distance 500km event is organized by the MUTARE SPCA. 

Our volunteers are doing their very best to make this year a great year. Without the sponsorship that this event generates annually, we would not survive.

We are SO grateful to all who sign up to do this fundraiser,  BUT we also know you are going to love it.

We look forward to meeting you at the sandy Save river in the Jamanda Community Reserve near Chilo Gorge Lodge, or at the base of Mount Nyangani. 

Please do your very best to raise sponsorship from family, friends and colleagues.  A little goes a long way.

Help us to keep the SPCA's of ZIMBABWE going.  

The Challenge

To take part in an AMAZING 500km remote endurance event like no other,  for a cause like no other, in order to raise money for the continued survival of all the branches of the SPCA throughout Zimbabwe. (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.)  The original Blue Cross was a solo event, but it has evolved into a multi disciplined event, that will appeal to everyone who loves an adventure.

"Qui Curat Vincit"   Who cares wins.


CABS: Name: Blue Cross.    Account No.: 1004599471 



ECOCASH : Mutare SPCA: *151*2*2*33423*AMT# . This phone is held by our accountant. 

We also accept WORLD REMIT or WESTERN UNION transfers. Please specify CASH PICK UP, for us to take advantage of the US$:Zim$ Bond note differential. 

Participants raise sponsorship to cycle, walk, relay, run solo, horseride and Cross Country Motorcycle (Enduro) from the lowest point in Zimbabwe, The Save–Runde Confluence (162m Above Sea Level) to the highest point,  Mt Nyangani (2,593m ASL.) 

ITS not a race, but rather an endurance challenge through some of the remotest but safest parts of Africa. Orienteering by GPS, sleeping under the stars on some nights, meeting the rural people en route, and taking part in a cracking 500km safari of your own, for a great cause. On completion, awards of Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals are given, not based on event placing, but on the amount of money raised for this deserving and beleaguered countrywide charity.

As the event offers various  disciplines, the START DATES VARY.  We have some suggested start dates on the Home Page and FAQs (General) but please contact us for more specific info from our experienced participants. We will help you work out the ideal start date for your Blue Cross, but the Walking Relay  this year will see us camping near the Save Runde confluence for a start on 3 August 2020, and the Cyclists will most likely be gathering on 4 August for a 5 August early start. YOU can start whenever it suits you, but we all finish together.  Take from a week to three weeks, but we will see you all on Tuesday 11th August at the base of Mount Nyangani.  If you are a long distance runner, we will need to know how many kilometers you can do per day. 

For cyclists and lone walkers or runners, it is a tough and challenging Ultra Distance Adventure.  This year we are expecting a number of ultra distance runners, for whom entering this type of event usually costs a large amount of money. Our event involves a small entry fee, and your sponsorship is donated to the SPCA. Self-navigating 500kms of Eastern Zimbabwe, sometimes sleeping rough, come on!  Sign up for this remote and wild adventure.  Its an event that is gaining momentum in popularity and interest.

For RELAY WALKERS, the Blue Cross is more about what YOU make of it.  Either way, its an outstanding experience that requires grit and teamwork, determination and a positive spirit. For many people thinking about doing it for the first time, the self-supporting aspect is possibly a worry. You must have a back up vehicle, GPS and camping gear. 

We recommend where to start, and how far to walk each day. If you start on the same day as the MUTARE SPCA team, you can end up walking alongside one of our walkers. You will camp where we camp. You bucket bath. You eat your pre-made meal, prep your lunches, and load your GPS.  You sleep in your tent. You get up at first light. And the day begins again. 

If you are coming from outside of Africa, we can help you get started. We can help you hire a car. Bring a friend to second you, if you can. They too will have an unforgettable time. But please, fundraise for sponsorship for us, and help us out by doing this event.

The rest is simple.

Just say it: I AM DOING THE BLUE CROSS THIS YEAR!  It's the hardest step you will take. Register now

WE want YOUR country's FLAG TO FLY FOR YOU at the beginning and the end of the whole event. 

The Reason

It's no secret that all the SPCA's in Zimbabwe have been battling the odds to survive.  What is sure is that  life in a country without an SPCA  animal rescue centre is unthinkable. The Mutare SPCA has taken over the driving of the Blue Cross since 2015, and each year it gets a little more challenging for us, and thankfully, a little more lucrative for all the SPCA's of Zimbabwe.   It's critical that each centre gets their community motivated, and committed to the Blue Cross FOR THEM.  

Please, if you are from Bulawayo, Kadoma, Marondera, Zvishavane, Kwekwe and Redcliffe, Masvingo or Harare, consider doing this amazing event. It will take you to parts of the country you would never normally go to, places of great beauty and remoteness, and you will have done one of the finest things ever, for one of the finest causes ever. Of course, wherever you are in the world, we'd love you to come and do the Blue Cross for Zimbabwe SPCA's.

While in its first manifestation, The Blue Cross was a super tough, rugged event for only fools and heroes, it has had to morph to stay alive. So if you workout and run daily, or walk regularly and are of positive and adventurous spirit, we have a niche for you. The most difficult part of the event is when you have read this... and you contact us to say you would like to do it. We are there for you. We will help you experience something everyone who lives in this country, or ONCE lived in this country, or loves this country should do.

For the animals of Zimbabwe to have a safe and kind and honourable option in their lives --- Do it for them.


Sponsorship Levels and Registration Fee


Non Zimbabwe participants pay registration and sponsorship in US DOLLARS. 


All participants must pay Registration fees of USD 50.00 per person participating.  This will cover registration and the camping fees for the community campsites used along the route. 

Seconders:  Seconders are not required to pay Registration fees but will have to pay  camping fees of USD 20  for the three informal campsites.  Please book Chimanimani, Mutare and Nyanga yourself.


Relay teams minimum USD 100.00.  All other participants minimum  USD 200.00  (or the equivalent in RTGS$ calculated  at the appropriate rate of the day THE MONEY IS HANDED IN). This must be handed in before the cut off date.  We (all the SPCAs of Zimbabwe) are so grateful to participants for asking family, friends and corporates for sponsorship.  Thank you for raising funds for us.  An interactive spreadsheet that is used for detailing the  funds raised by each participant can be found on this web site. 

A Brief History of the Event

The event was conceived from an argument that Colin Anderson, the founder, had in a bar in 1990 about the location of the lowest point in Zimbabwe. This led Colin to search through maps (no Google Earth in those days) and he found that it was at the Save-Runde confluence, Mahenye (162 meters above sea level), in the South East Lowveld. The dramatic contrast in scenery between the highest point, Mt. Nyangani (2,593 meters above sea level) and the lowest point and the rounded figure of 500km between the two inspired Colin to establish an endurance event for walkers & cyclists a number of years later. In 1996 the Blue Cross was born with the purpose of raising money for all the SPCA’s in Zimbabwe, with 8 walkers and 16 cyclists setting off from the dusty lowveld, taking on a challenge never previously attempted.  Since then the event has grown in popularity with entrants being attracted from home and abroad to experience the adventure and challenge of the event, much of which stems from each individual or team’s ability to take on the terrain with the benefit of thorough pre-planning, equipping and preparation. Each individual or team must be completely self-sufficient as there are very few filling stations or lodgings en route and no water points are provided. 

THIS YEAR, 2020, summit day is 11th AUGUST

Participants are awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal, based on amount of funds raised. 

Bronze USD 200, Silver USD 400, and Gold USD 600 

Other awards are:

  • The Spirit of the Blue Cross Award for the participant exhibiting the greatest commitment to the ideals of the event.

  • The Datvest Floating Trophy for the most sponsorship raised.

  • The Cecil the Lion Floating Trophy for the most sponsorship raised by a relay team member.

The Route of the Blue Cross has had to be reinvented and shifted, to keep it challenging and fresh (and ultimately do-able) for repeat Blue Crossers, but also to steer clear of increased traffic. No coke and buns event for us!  Read all about it on our Blog on this website.


Cyclists are a tough and united bunch. They are the reason we have been able to keep going with this amazing homegrown event. Thank you all!

Its the impossible dream achieved for all horse lovers who have a little of the Gaucho in them! To be with your horse for all those days in the wilds must be a dream for you both. 

The best way to experience a country is to see it on foot: you will never be closer to this lovely land of ours

OUR FIRST ENDURO EVER.  Their route and timeline is different to the other disciplines

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