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Without doubt, the SPCA Blue Cross Bike Ride is THE cycling event in Zimbabwe.

This years calendar is on the Home page.

Cycling the Blue Cross offers individuals a wonderful opportunity to see some stunning and remote countryside, to create friendship bonds with fellow participants, to push oneself physically and mentally, and significantly, raise funds and awareness for the SPCA. The staging and routing have been modified significantly over the last few years so that there is virtually no riding on tar road (less than 20kms), and so is considerably safer. And by eliminating some of the harsher off-road routes of the old Brown Cross, it is now possible for folk with average ability, and above average determination, to participate. Of course, for the more competitively minded, there is always the push for a good  time.

The  BX  Cyclists event will start in the sands of the Save River close to Chilo Lodge, and six days later, you will end your challenge in the car park of Mount Nyangani, The final  walk up to that mountain’s summit the next morning, in the company of all the other participants,  and then the celebration lunch marks the end of this wonderful adventure.    Read more on the accommodation, daily end points, detailed route,  rules and regulations and uselful data on this website. See you at the Save river, to witness the elephants going down for a drink, have a Zambezi Lager at sunset and get organized for the early start the next morning as you all set off on the BX.

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