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NB - ALL BLUE CROSS ROADS REQUIRE A HIGH CLEARANCE 4X4 VEHICLE, and on-the go navigational equipment in the form of a hand-held GPS and/or mobile devices loaded with the GAIA App and the respective route for the discipline. PLEASE SEE THE  DOWNLOADS PAGE FOR GAIA GPS  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.

Day Zero (D0) - 04 Aug 24: 28.8k to Mahenye Fly Camp 


  • Start with a 28.8k backtrack to Mahenye Start Point. (See .gpx and .kml files on Downloads page').

  • From Chilo Turn Off, navigate 13.4k to 'RW23 D0 SPt'.

  • Debus, regroup, & relay walk/run southwards using leapfrog technique (see 'FAQ' 'Rules' on website) and recommended splits of 1.53k each as measured on navaids.

  • 18.3k from start at Jamanda North boom regroup into 2 groups, each with vehicle.

  • Walk/run next 9.2k shadowed by vehicle due to possible Elephant/Buffalo encounters. 767m splits recommended.

  • At Jamanda South boom appoint 1 driver for each vehicle and remainder walk/run last 1.3k to Mahenye Start Point and BX-funded Mahenye Fly Camp.

  • Park vehicles as directed by BX marshalls. 

  • Set up tents in linear format against East bank in Save riverbed as directed by BX marshalls.

  • Shower and Toilet enclosures provided.

  • Bring own drinking water and collect bulk water from bowser positioned nearby.

  • Heat own water for bucket bathing.

  • Photoshoot and sundowners in riverbed, 168m AMSL.


D1 - 05 Aug 24 : 84.1k to Musikavanhu School Bushcamp (MSBC)

  • Drive 28.8k' on navaids following cyan track, turning right at Muhlambi BC. Allow 75 mins.

  • Regroup at 'RW23 D1 SPt 28.8k' .

  • Relay walk/run/leapfrog using recommended splits of 4 x 3.5k each for 84.1k.

  • Road conditions vary from poor to very rough and stony.

  • Navigate to BX-funded Musikavanhu School Bushcamp.

  • Camp on playing field. 

  • Source bulk water, if needed, from nearby boreholes (50m carry).

  • Heat on camp attendants' gas stove for 12volt electric showers or bucket baths in shower enclosures provided.

  • Please bring any unwanted sports equipment or children's books to donate to the Musikavanhu Primary School. 

D2 - 06 Aug 24: 59.8k to Fiddlers on the Green (FOTG) 

  • Relay walk/run/leapfrog using splits of 3.32k each.

  • Navigate to Fiddlers-on-the-Green (FOTG) (970m ASL) on Makandi Estate.

  • Roads very rough, stony and slow going throughout with low range work required of back up vehicles.

  • Sign in to Makandi Estate and carefully follow blue trail through orchards.

  • Camping permitted anywhere around  clubhouse.

  • See Overnight Stops page and contact Fiddlers management direct to book camping and meals (supper and breakfast) offered by Chipinge ladies. Budget US$20 pp.

D3 -07 Aug 24: 76.8k to Chimanimani 

  • Relay walk/run/leapfrog following red track using 5.3k each for first split & 3 x 3.8k thereafter.

  • Vehicles follow cyan track via Chipinge.

  • Roads very poor & slow going for first 31k to Rusitu rd. Thereafter mix of reasonable gravel and tar.

  • Uplift at Charter Sawmill (Chimanimani). Load & transfer to overnight stop in Chimanimani.

  • Accommodation in Chimanimani by own arrangements.

D4 - 08 Aug 24: 86.6k to Whitewaters Bushcamp (WWBC)

  • Relay run/walk/leapfrog following magenta track using 4 x 3.6k splits each.

  • Navigate to BX-funded Whitewaters Bushcamp (WWBC) via iconic Cashel Scenic Road. 

  • Roads vary from rough and stony on Cashel Scenic Road & a mix of rough gravel, reasonable dirt and tar.

  • Stock up with water at WPs 15 or 16, failing which at 16A. 

  • Logistical arrangements at WWBC as for Musikavanhu Bushcamp, but no water available on site.

D5 - 09 Aug 24: 72.3k to RW23 D5 Uplift 408.4k at Zimunya.

  • Run/walk/leapfrog using splits of 4 x 3k each.

  • Navigate to RW23 Uplift 408.4k opposite Zimunya Township.

  • Transfer by vehicle to Mutare & Hillside Golf Club (HGC)

  • Road conditions generally reasonable with mix of good, sandy dirt, tar and gravel.   

  • Own arrangements in Mutare, but HGC offers camping & good, reasonably priced meal. Order early.

  • See Overnight Stops page. 

D6 - 10 Aug 24: 60.1k to Bonda Rd Uplift: 468.5k  

  • Navigate by vehicle transfer to 'RW23 D6 SPt 408.4k' on Koodoosberg rd.

  • Run/walk/leapfrog using 3 x 3.34k splits to uplift on Bonda access road, 'RW23 D6 Uplift 468.5k'

  • Road conditions generally reasonable but some steep and stony sections may require low range work.

  • Load 'RW23 D6 Tfr(2) 22.3k', embus and navigate to Juliasdale and overnight accommodation (own arrangements)


D7 - 11 Aug 24: 28.6k to Nyangani Car Park 497.1k 

  • From overnight accommodation, drive to start of Placefell Road 'RW23 D7 SPt 468.5' .

  • Run/walk/leapfrog 18.6k using 2 x 1.55k splits to 'RW23 Gp SPt 487.1k'.

  • Regroup at Circular Drive T/Off. Nominate drivers to take vehicles to Car Park & remainder walk to Finish.

  • Road conditions are generally rough gravel and dirt.

  • Celebrate your achievement thus far and enjoy some Blue Cross hospitality. 

  • Bring out your camp chairs & cooler boxes and soak up the festive atmosphere. 

  • Overnight stop as before by own arrangements.

D8 - 12 Aug 24: 2.9k to Nyangani Mt Summit and Finish 

  • Drive to Nyangani Car Park to arrive no later than 0800 hrs. Allow 75 mins from Nat Parks office.

  • Load 'All Summit Day 2.9k '. Use navaids in case of white-out.

  • Assess personal climbing strength & opt for slow, medium or fast climbing group.

  • Sign large red book for full-distance participants at the summit. Brown book for back up and supporters.

  • Limit Summit dwell time to quick photo shoot only & then descend.

  • Head straight for Rhodes Hall for Spirit of the Blue Cross Celebratory Lunch and Awards Ceremony commencing at 1300 hours.

  • Half Portuguese Chicken and Chips to be served. Cash bar available but bring cooler boxes for any special tipple.

  • Further info closer the time.


RW23 Composite Route Profile.jpg
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